Autumn Has Arrived at Winterbourne Gardens in Edgbaston

od4a6412-headerAutumn has certainly arrived at local gardens, Winterbourne. The colours are fantastic and well worth a visit. But hurry!

Article by Geoff Caine

Winterbourne Gardens are situated opposite Birmingham University at 58  Edgbaston Park Road, B15 2RT, about 2km from KEW. The area is a splendidly green feast for the eyes at any time of year. But the gardens are its crowning glory at this time of year.

Last Sunday I took some photos while relaxing wandering around the gardens after a good snack lunch from the café, eaten while taking in the view from the terrace outside the historic Winterbourne House.

Some trees were displaying their finest Autumn reds but others were still reticent. I imagine this weekend will be even better and the colours will still be breath taking in the next two weeks.

Below is a gallery of photos I took.

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