Sand Pits Into City Road Opens on 23 October

paradise-news-ikon-croppedThe major traffic restrictions around the Paradise construction site, a major traffic thoroughfare through the centre of Birmingham City, are about to be relaxed in a major way, reopening Broad Street to traffic from the city.

Article by Geoff Caine

As well as the opening of the Sandpits Road leading to the A38 around Paradise, Broad Street will be re-opened to traffic from the city to the west on Sunday 23 October.

Details are given below.

But having read them it’s maybe opportune for us to develop our route strategy over the next couple of weeks. How car users will react – is up for debate and mostly guesswork.

How many drivers will revert to using Broad Street? To do so would likely add to the previous rush hour gridlock again for out of city traffic especially if the buses are  re-routed along there rather than the recent Jewellery Quarter diversion.

How many like me will retain the routes they developed after the Paradise Circus/Broad Street closure on 15 November 2015 and see what happens for a week or two. Could it be that the retention of these  routes by some and the reversion back to Broad Street by others will reduce the traffic delays on both routes to the advantage of all? I think it’s worth our serious consideration and so, I think, will be by the city council traffic planners.

And so what are the changes?

Motoring from the west side of Birmingham (Black Country, Smethwick, etc) you will from Sunday  23 October be able to drive up Sandpits to access the A38 both to the north-east (Great Charles Street and the Aston Expressway) and to the south-west (Bristol Street).

Also of note is that Broad Street can be entered from Paradise Circus by all traffic – buses, taxis, cars, commercial vehicles, etc – this is true whatever the direction of travel. This will be achieved by new traffic lights at the junction pf Broad Street and Paradise Circus. So, all traffic can now travel along Broad Street in a westerly direction up to Five Ways. But see comment below from Geoff Caine.

Traffic travelling eastwards along Broad Street towards the city centre will not be able to go past Bridge Street where the Hyatt Hotel is situated and so Paradise Circus cannot be entered by such traffic. The exception to this is buses and taxis.

How this will affect bus routes, currently diverted via the Jewellery Quarter and Sheepcote Street, is not clear from the map.

Meanwhile below is the new access map of the area issued by


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2 Responses to Sand Pits Into City Road Opens on 23 October

  1. Geoff Caine says:

    Having driven up Sandpits and onto Paradise Circus on Sunday 23 October in early afternoon I note the changes to the Broad Street/Paradise Circus junction had not yet been implemented. I currently can find no further information on this.

  2. keithbracey says:

    About time too!

    My mate Metin Yusuf runs MECHU Bar and Club on Summer Row and Birmingham City Council have totally refused to give him a Council Tax/Rates rebate for the lack of access from passing trade that he has had to suffer and endure at MECHU Bar where passing trade from the nearby Shakespeare Pub and Apres Bar, Fleet Street Kitchen and The Coffin Works Heritage Visitor Attraction ( ) just round the corner at the top of Fleet Street have suffered as have all the pubs bars and attractions that rely on passing trade for custom in Summer Row……..

    The Coffin Works which is run by Birmingham Conservation Trust of which I am a member could NOT have picked a worse time to launch last year in November 2015 with all the disruption in Summer Row.

    The Coffin Works celebrate their first birthday on Friday November 4th with a ‘Late Halloween Night’ event at The Coffin Works…..Free to BCT members….I am not sure whether it’s open to the Public and all local Brummies…?

    You would have to look on the Coffin Works website above…….????

    The Coffin Works claim to fame is that the metal coffin fittings for the funerals of Sir Winston Churchill in 1965, the coffin fittings for the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997 and those for the Queen Mother’s Coffin were all made at Newman Brothers’ Coffin Works in Fleet Street in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter………

    Who knew….?

    A visit for all Brummies to The Coffin Works is a must as it echoes Birmingham’s Industrial past Heritage and History.

    All of these metal coffin fittings for British heroes and heroines like Churchill, Lady Diana Spencer and The Queen ‘Mom’ were all ‘Made in Birmingham’ and ‘Forged in the City of Birmingham’ where the Industrial Revolution was fomented by The Lunar Men: ‘The Friends that Made the Future’ in 18th Century Birmingham at SOHO House, Matthew Boulton’s home in Handsworth….

    Leading ‘Lunartick’ Matthew Boulton’s friend and collaborator Scottish engineering genius (he also invented the paper copier over 200 years before Xerox or Canon!) James Watt whose home in Heathfield Road on the Heathfield Estate in Handsworth still exists along with his friend Matthew Boulton’s home SOHO House where The Lunarticks met ‘by the light of the Full Moon.

    James Watt, who walked from Greenock in Scotland to work with his friend Matthew Boulton improved Newcomen and Richard Trevithick’s steam engines by adding a regulator or condenser……….

    These steam engines powered the looms of Lancashire and pumped the water from Cornwall’s tin mines and from the collieries of Birmingham and The Black Country……….

    #BrumIsBrill #SuperSohoFoundrySmethwick #WhereSteamEnginesweremade

    Keith Bracey Birmingham Conservation Trust member, Supporter of The Coffin Works and Birmingham Historian and Poet…..please read my Birmingham Blog from Downtown Bearwood at

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