Road Injuries – Now Averaging 80 a Week

Sheepcote Street Traffic 1Birmingham has an ever increasing casualty rate on its roads in spite of  a nationally decreasing rate.

Resident Fran Elder is an RTM Phase 1 voluntary Director and is Lead Activist of the “20’s Plenty For Us” Birmingham campaign. (Click here for more information.),

She has asked me to publish a link to the recent Birmingham Mail article:

80 casualties a week after surge in injuries on Birmingham roads.

Click here to view the article.

My Observations

The photo above shows just how congested Sheepcote Street becomes when there is an event on. Coach drivers find they have nowhere to park when they arrive to drop off or pick up their passengers. The same congestion exists looking in the other direction at the same time – coaches often obscure the view of the pedestrian crossing from KEW.

This coach parking problem has been known and discussed for the 13 years since I moved in. Nothing has been changed by the City Council.

Parked coaches give severely restricted traffic flow along the Street.

Sheepcote Street is far worse now in this traffic chaos because National Express buses use it. But the problem is caused by visiting coaches, some of which park directly opposite King Edwards Drive and hinder exit for our cars as well as obscuring motorists’ vision of crossing pedestrians.

To cap it all I regularly experience drivers accelerating to vast speeds, perhaps 60 or more mph, along Sheepcote Street. How on earth can they be moderated – only by visible Police presence but the traffic police numbers have been reduced by over a quarter in the past 5 years.

Personally I find it essential under these circumstances to use the two pedestrian crossings, as, walking across by emerging from lines of parked vehicles is so dangerous!

Article by Geoff Caine

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1 Response to Road Injuries – Now Averaging 80 a Week

  1. David Foster says:

    I too use the pedestrian crossing alongside King Edwards Drive and dive straight down the pathway to the canal towpath. You can get most places using that way – and you stay clear of the vehicles with their pollution!
    I expect the drivers would approve, too. After all, they dislike pedestrians and anyone else who challenges their divine rights to road space!!

    I was pleased to see traffic police speed-checking on Sheepcote Street the other day. Let’s hope they do it more often.

    David Foster

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