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Feedback 140x95There are 9 bus routes (not buses but bus routes) down this residential road with 5 developments fronting it and another planned. These bus routes and the diversion were imposed without consultation…

…or additional temporary traffic regulation orders as on the rest of the diversion. Consultation was not thought appropriate because residents would object – I have learned!
Sheepcote Street is not up to handling the regular pummelling from the amount of heavy traffic now being directed along it as part of the Broad Street diversion. Vibration from this traffic, and especially buses hitting the raised zebra crossing at speed, is a continual nuisance to residents of Core 1 & 2. In 2014, we as residents contributed to the remedial work on core 1 to bring it up to standard and give it longevity. We don’t want to re-visit these works because of a disproportionate amount of buses, heavy lorries and cars causing shocks and vibrations to listed buildings. The road itself is starting to show the effects with huge fissures opening up around the crossing are clear for everyone to see.
We have complained to the relevant council representatives about the lack of consultation on changing a quiet residential street into a major thoroughfare – due to the works at Paradise Circus.
Sheepcote Street is supposed to be a part of the Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR) to re-balance streets in the centre to be more pedestrian and cyclist friendly. It will shortly become part of the 20mph zone, but the council have no plans to enforce this by cameras, so traffic will continue to traverse Sheepcote Street at near motorway speeds.
We have an opportunity through the BCR and related movements to pressure the Council to enhance the environment around KEW and other neighbouring developments to the benefit of all residents. If anyone reading this post is interested in learning more of these plans or wishes to get involved please contact us.
We are currently collating video evidence of the situation.

Fran & Alex Elder – Resident Leaseholders

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