Broadband by Hyperoptic is a Success!

Hyperoptic 140x120I opted for to 100 Mbps fibre optics broadband connected by Hyperoptic Ltd and am over the moon!

Having been ignored by BT for several years on my attempts to obtain a high speed fibre optics connection in KEW, I decided to go for Hyperoptic, who have been installing the necessary wiring this year.

Not long after registering, on 25 February the Hyperoptic engineer arrived as previously arranged on a date and time by text and phone.

He quickly managed to find a route into the apartment for the new cabling and placed the socket for the Hyperhub (modem) exactly where we asked. The cabling through the apartment is hardly noticeable in that you really have to know it is there and look for it to find it – it will be even less noticeable when I have painted it to match the walls.

There was no mess created and the whole operation took less than an hour.

The engineer was polite, friendly and very helpful.

The system worked straight away and is very fast – we chose the intermediate speed of 100 Mbps (Mbits/sec). Using to test the speed today for cable connect into a PC gave:

  • Download 100.89 Mbps
  • Upload 106.35 Mbps

This has proved to be typical.

My old BT broad band gave about 5 Mbps!

Wifi connected into an iPad gives more than 30 Mbps in both directions.

The phone works well also.

See the Welcome and Information Pack Section 3.22 on how to get this service.

Geoff Caine

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2 Responses to Broadband by Hyperoptic is a Success!

  1. emdeefos says:

    I, too, am very happy with the Hyperoptic speeds. However I had a brief moment of doubt over this weekend when the speeds dropped appreciably. (I check the speed daily using the website.)
    I queried this with Hyperoptic and got a reply (next working day, so not on a weeknend day!) advising me to change the wireless channel, and how to do that. This has solved the problem.

  2. Giles Berrisford says:

    Thanks Geoff – that’s really useful to know. I’m thinking about it still!

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