Google Earth Comes To Birmingham City Centre

City View- KEW is at bottom leftHave you looked at Google Earth lately? If not you’re in for a surprise and delight!

Certainly Birmingham has benefited from a developing technology both in the detail shown and also in being updated more regularly than in the past.

How does Google Earth work?

Zooming in from outer space down to ground level uses a series of photos taken at different heights and by different means from satellites through airplanes to street level camera carrying vehicles. A number of companies are involved in producing the images which are stitched together seamlessly for zooming by clever software using GPS positioning. You can see the name of the company that produced the currently displayed  images displayed at the bottom of your Google Earth window.

The main images are produced by two satellites orbiting every 90 minutes from one pole to another at a height of 300 miles. They carry a camera with a very long focal length lens equivalent to a normal lens 8.8 metres long but condensed to fit into a satellite by a series of mirrors.

Combining images taken at different angles (up to 20 degrees from the vertical), 3-D images can be produced.

Some Birmingham Views

Birmingham has some spectacular buildings which show up well in aerial shots in Google Earth.

Below is a gallery of views I have compiled using Google Earth and finding a  good direction to portray the subjects.

I’m sure there are many more gems to be discovered and shown in a later post.

Viewing Instructions:
1. . Display an enlarged gallery – Left Click on an image – use the large side arrows to move between images – Left Click outside an image or press ESC to close the enlarged gallery.
2. View a larger version of a single image in a separate page – Right Click on the image then Left Click on “Open link in new tab” or “Open link in new window”.

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