Changes & Enhancements to the Website

Front Page Overview 20160201 640x490The website has been up and running since January 2011 with very little change to its look and feel, until now, when a major rethink has taken place…

However, it is felt that some improvements to its ease of use and appearance should now be made.

The changed look, feel and improved functioning are centred around the new Front Page.

The New Front Page

Front Screen via Snagit 400xA New Header Image…
replaces the static original and now reflects the current season – to be replaced occasionally for a fresh look.

Summarised Introduction to KEW…
with link to full article.
The updated full article has the latest Google Earth aerial images of KEW with superb definition!

Summaries of news articles …
posted  since January 2011.
Click on a post title or on its
Continue reading  to display
the full article…..

The Right Sidebar

Right Sidebar 20160201 2 260x728Email Notifications…
All of today’s new articles are now listed in a single email as opposed to one email per article so as to reduce your email traffic.

A link on each email now takes you into the new front page with its summary of all posts to date – this may help you spot earlier posts that you may have missed or easily read others again.


Search Facility…
All posts and static pages (menu items) are searched and summary listed with links to the full details. Try this one…Search for “Grand Central” and you could select a link to Grand Central Opens to view photos of the opening day.
Use more words to focus the search.

Links to Website…
This advertisement-free volunteer-run website gives important information on the City Centre happenings and also magazine articles.
Click a title to display a post on the website.

About the Website

The website is run for the benefit of Residents and Apartment Owners.

The Administrator, in addition to maintaining the technical aspects of the website and publishing items essential to the running of the development and informing Residents and Leaseholders of important KEW related matters,  also donates other articles of local interest.

Any items of local news or any ideas for articles you may have would be very welcome – please contact me.

Please support your KEW website by visiting often and encouraging others to do so by subscribing to email notifications of added content.

Article by Geoff Caine (Administrator)

About Geoff Caine

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1 Response to Changes & Enhancements to the Website

  1. Alan Stedall says:

    Well done for your continued interest and enthusiasm, Geoff.

    Much appreciated.

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