Estate Manager Justyna Is Leaving on 18th December

Our much liked and very efficient head of the Concierge Team, Justyna Sedziwa, has decided to leave Mainstay and take up a new job with new challenges in Birmingham  City Centre.


Justyna, who hails from Koszalin in northern Poland, came to the UK in January 2005, joined the Concierge Team in April 2006, and quickly rose to her current position.


.As well as managing the Concierge Team she runs Phase 1 Reception in the very busy morning and afternoon periods from Monday to Friday each week.

December 18th is her last day at KEW, and to begin with Alex and Anna from Phase 2 will cover Phase 1 Reception. Mainstay are recruiting for her replacement.

In addition to Justyna’s daily duties she managed to summon up the energy to help in creating this website and  she has recently produced the Welcome & Information Pack  which I edited and posted to the website.

When not at KEW she has a young son to look after, so a restful life is not what she leads.

She does manage to find time for her hobby, though, which is Krav Maga, This is a self-defense system known for its focus on real-world situations and its extremely efficient and brutal counter attacks. So Justyna is not one to pick an argument with lightly.

I think that Justyna will be a hard act to follow and many residents who know her well will miss her kind and helpful manner.

Geoff Caine

About Geoff Caine

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