Buses Along Sheepcote Street

IMG_5951Have you noticed that nine out of city bus routes have been re-routed along Sheepcote Street. This currently has its good and bad sides.

The nine buses now run from Colmore Row via the Jewellery Quarter – along Newhall Street, Graham Street, Newhall Hill, Sandpits, Clements Street, St Vincents Street, then Sheepcote Street, to turn right into Broad Street.

The Good Points

For we, living at KEW, this is apparently splendid news!

IMG_5953There is a bus stop across the road from the Fiddle & Bone. So, it’s just 50 metres from the Phase 1 pedestrian entrance and hence 200 metres from the start of Phase 2 across our canal bridge.

Fantastic! When you have had enough of tramping around city centre shops and just want to get home.

Previously a bus ride around Paradise Circus and up Broad Street in the late afternoon onwards was lengthy. Or, a walk of a mile or so and 25 minutes carrying your (heavy? probably!) shopping.

The bad points

Well, hopefully these are temporary .

I caught a number 9 bus at 3:35 pm on 24th November in Colmore Row and alighted from the bus outside Fiddle and Bone at 3:47 pm. That’s 12 minutes -wow!

So far so good.

But…my wife caught a similar route bus the next day at around 6 pm and it took 40 minutes! Why?

Well, there was a long queue of buses stretching back from the Graham Street and Newhall Hill junction. Only two buses were able to turn left into Newhall Hill within each traffic light period.

Hence traffic delays.

I have posted a comment on this to the site https://online.birmingham.gov.uk/CwsWeb/flow/trafficlightssignsandsignals?execution=e2s1 .

It would help solve the problem if you could also do so.

My analysis of the problem

  1. There is insufficient time period of the lights for traffic (the busses referred to above) to exit from Graham Street into Newhall Hill once moving.
  2. The centre lane marking line is too far left in the approach north  of Newhall Hill to the junction with Graham Street. So the (large) buses can sometimes find it difficult to acquire enough room to swing left from Graham Street into Newhall Hill.

The result during peak periods is long queues along Graham Street.

Which Buses Stop along Sheepcote Street?

IMG_5863The photo left tells all. The only thing to add is that all buses depart from Colmore Row and very frequently.

To enable you to copy and paste the bus numbers, here they are:

9, 10, 10H, 120, 127, 128, 129, 140, 141




Why not add a comment of your experiences?

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Article by Geoff Caine

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1 Response to Buses Along Sheepcote Street

  1. Rob Clancy says:

    Sheepcote Traffic and buses ..

    The traffic, Pollution, noise and disruption generated by this diversion of traffic from Broadstreet is totally unacceptable, Birmingham city council have IMPOSED this on all local residents without any consultation or measures to mitigate the impact on residents of Sheepcote, there is no traffic management, no speed enforcement no restrictions in parking, for example Broadstreet is being made a red route in parts yet the traffic is now on Sheepcote has no change in parking restrictions where coaches park on the zebra crossing and yellow lines causing more congestion and making the zebra crossing dangerous to cross.

    Birmingham council have ignored the realities of living on Sheepcote and pushed all traffic alone Sheepcote Street without consultation.

    Below are Birmingham council email addresses for residents to email there concerns to also (use both emails)


    Rob Clancy, KEW resident

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