Don’t Lose Your Vote in Future Elections!

Register to Vote-20This Friday, over 56,000 people could be wiped off the Birmingham electoral register! New government rules mean you must register personally by this Friday, 20 November, to be able to vote in local and national elections.

This is very important so please read the following…

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After November 20th, millions of voters from across the UK like you may disappear from the electoral register.
If you are one of them? You will have less of a say in future elections, and it could affect your credit rating.
Most people won’t even know it’s happened until it’s too late – so do make sure you’re registered now.

What’s going on?

The government has recently switched to a new system of registering to vote, called “Individual Electoral Registration”.
Previously one person would register everyone in their household. But now individual registration is necessary.
For people to register  your deadline is November 20th.
Most people have been automatically registered – but an estimated 1.9 million people are still not registered.
If you are one of these,  you  may be deleted from the register without your knowledge.

Why does it matter?

If you’re not on the electoral register next month, then you don’t exist, according to the government
MPs are allocated to areas based on how many people are on the electoral register – not how many people actually live there.
That means if you’re not on the register by Friday 20th then your vote could count for less at the next election.

If that wasn’t enough, then not being on the electoral register can affect your credit rating. That will make it harder to get things like a phone contract or a loan to buy a car.

Am I registered?

Your local council office can tell you for sure. Many councils will have sent you a form asking you to confirm your registration details. Sending this back should mean you’re registered.

If you haven’t had a form, or you’re not sure, then you can make sure you are registered –  Register Online on the government’s website by the 20th November.

Article by Geoff Caine advised by 38Degrees

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