Welcome & Information Pack Launched

Welcome Pack Launch Post HeaderA new page has been added to the website – a Welcome & Information Pack.

It’s a guide to living successfully at KEW, useful for all Residents and Leaseholders be they newcomers or well established…The pack explains how KEW is organised and the teams that work hard to support you as a Resident.

Taking the theme Day-to-Day Living, it is an encyclopaedia of topics to hopefully answer all your questions about living happily and safely  at KEW and ensuring your neighbours do also.

The content of the pack has been mainly supplied by Justyna Sedziwa and edited and published by myself Geoff Caine, website administrator.

As well as the link in the opening sentence, the pack can be accessed from the Home page and from the Local Knowledge drop-down menu item.

If you have any queries or suggestions please contact me by sending an email.

Geoff Caine (KEW Resident)

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2 Responses to Welcome & Information Pack Launched

  1. Nigel & Eva O'Connell says:

    Thank you, Justyna & Geoff. For the well thought out guidelines and all your efforts to improve living standards here at KEW. Much appreciated.

  2. Margaret Lister says:

    well done Geoff! Let’s hope everyone (even the current occupants) read and abide by this excellent document

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