Grand Central Opens

Grand Central 140x120At 10am sharp the upward escalators were opened and the waiting crowd rose to the magnificent shopping and eating experience that is Grand Central. 


Some must have gathered for a while in the cordoned off areas of the central hall of the newly opened New Street Station to be the first to set eyes and hands on the new Birmingham shopping centre.

I waited until the initial funnelled throng had escalated and camera and lenses in hand ascended to the visual treats I had hoped for.

I was not disappointed. The views over the central hall are stunning from the various cafés and restaurants situated around the balcony overlooking the station’s ground level floor beneath.

The shops are spread radially out from these eating houses around a walkway. Wandering around I was pleasantly struck by the striking window displays with their colourful lighting.

The John Lewis store I had a superficial scout around the adjoining floor and was very impressed with the arrangement and lighting use to display the goods.

I vote the new shopping centre a great success for Birmingham … and added to the revamped station below I have no doubt the complex will become universally known as

Birmingham Grand Central

Article by Geoff Caine


Below is a gallery of photos I took on my tour.

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