Update on Birmingham Building Projects

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Refurbished Building in Temple Street

Cheltenham House

Cheltenham House

Trocadero and Cheltenham House in Temple Street

Trocadero and Cheltenham House in Temple Street


A splendid old city building has undergone extensive refurbishment and now looks a million dollars. It is Cheltenham House in Temple Street off New Street. The ground floor used to be mostly occupied by the Jobs employment agency.

I understand that the ground floor is currently under offer to a high quality restaurateur who will also incorporate a coffee bar. Above this are three floors to be let as offices.




It stands next door to the splendid building housing the Trocadero pub. This grade 2 listed building dates back to 1846, when it was the Fire Engine House for the Norwich Union Insurance Company. It was converted in 1883 to house the Bodega wine bar. It was given the current colourful glazed front in 1902 when it became the Trocadero.



New Street Station Cladding Restarted

Wandering passed New Street Station entrance in Stephenson Street today I was surprised to find that the contractors had restarted the fitting of the stainless steel cladding to the “eye” of the station entrance.

This operation stalled before the half way opening in April 2013. I have never discovered what the hold up has been since then. It took 10 minutes to fit a panel of cladding, so good progress should now be made provided there are no more hiccups.

Below are some photos I took today of the cladding panel fitting method.

Midland Metro News

Artist's impression of the new generation of tram

Artist’s impression of the new generation of tram

Balfour Beatty has issued their May 2014 Month End Bulletin, shown below, which gives a recent history and their plans for June.

Work seems to have continued in the same places as last month with some of the track now completed being embedded in the road surface.

Below the bulletin are my photos taken today.

To get a large view of each image below, click twice in the image.

BF Bulletin end of May 014 Capture 1

BF Bulletin end of May 014 Capture 2

My photos down on the ground

Geoff Caine

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