Concierge Kate Has an Antique Hobby

Kate explaining her website

Kate explaining her website to me

Kate Palubiak, one of our Concierge team normally manning Phase 2 Reception, has an unusual hobby in sourcing and renovating antique furniture.

She has created a website she has called Old & Charm Furniture which describes what renovation is all about and what sort of furniture styles and periods still exist.

Kate has kindly answered some questions of mine below…

What exactly is your hobby?

Antique furniture renovation is typically a type of furniture repair or cleaning that seeks to return a piece of antique furniture to how it may have looked when new. This type of restoration is typically meant to be noninvasive and leave much of the piece of furniture intact whenever possible.

What got you interested in this sort of furniture?

I believe that within every human being there is a creative instinct. In different people this expresses itself in a variety of ways – painting, knitting, flower arranging, wood turning, carving etc. In my case it was a passion to antiques, great respect to a piece of wood and satisfaction from turning a broken old piece of furniture into a delightful centrepiece for a room. However, I was always interested in art and antique furniture became my favourite subject.

How long have you had this hobby?

It started 3 years ago when I finished the renovation course.

What activities do you have…renovation etc?

It can include physical repairs, clean-up, French polishing, replacement of damaged parts, and other minor cosmetic changes that are intended to return the piece to a state that resembles how it may have originally appeared. Antique furniture restoration can be fairly simple or quite complex, depending on the work being done, and though it can add value to some pieces, it can also greatly diminish the value of other pieces.

Where do you find your furniture?

I usually purchase the furniture in car boots sales or small antiques shops around Birmingham area. Sometimes I try my luck on auctions at Biddle&Webb.

Do you furnish your home with your renovations?

Sure. I have just moved to a new house so I have an opportunity to create my own individual style. I am trying to mix a modern look interior with antique furniture and old paintings. I am really proud of my last purchased to my home, which is a beautiful oak roll top desk from 1920`s.

Why have you created a website?

It`s easy – by creating your own site you can present yourself to the world. I think that these days, if people can`t find anything about you in Internet that means you don`t exist.


Perhaps the Kate’s Introduction on the website will give you an initial insight into her hobby.

Geoff Caine


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