Urgent! – Your Attention is Needed

Following an earlier warning from Mainstay, a final warning has now been posted through letter boxes, as below.

Please warn your neighbours if you know they have goods in communal areas.

Please note this applies to all Residents and not just owners:

 Dear Residents

Re: Final Reminder – Waste Items / Personal Storage

Further to previous correspondence issued to all residents please be advised that all items still stored within the common waste area on each floor, communal areas and items within the car park will be removed and disposed of on Wednesday 23rd April 2014 and we will be unable to retrieve the items thereafter.

Please ensure all bikes are removed from the floor levels and placed within the bike storage facilities provided. Please note we are aware that there is limited space within these areas and should this be the case the bike must be stored within the apartment, or please see the concierge who will find an alternative location at the development as they cannot remain on landing areas causing a fire risk and trip hazard.

If the items remain within the areas detailed above they are left at your own risk and the management take no responsibility for the loss.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Kind Regards

Management Team



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