Roundhouse Public Consultation

OD4A2731eMag logo 100x75The Canal and River Trust,  partnered by The National Trust, is asking the public for ideas on how to use the Roundhouse.

How they have informed the public about this I don’t know. I am a Friend of the CRT and have not been notified nor has it appeared yet in the canal magazines I read.
But thanks to his eagle eye, resident and RTM Director David Foster has spotted a digital article on the Birmingham Mail website and passed this intelligence on to me.

After the rather chequered history of the Fiddle and Bone which has remained empty for 11 years I think that it is very important that local residents give their “would like” and equally their “wouldn’t like” ideas on use of the premises.
You can do this by visiting the CRT website where you can find some suggestions to fuel your thoughts.

On the final page there is a Questions to consider feature to help you arrive at and give your opinions in a structured way. I’ve copied this section below to show how easy it could be to take part.

Questions to consider
1. What do you think is important and special about the
2. What do you think about the big idea? What are the most
important aspects for you?
3. Is this something you or your organisation could be involved
4. What do you think about our initial ideas on audiences, uses
and activities?
5. Do you know of any opportunities that we could link to the

This is definitely something we residents (and non-resident owners) need to get involved with. It could enhance the KEW lifestyle and desirability of the property. But the wrong use of the building could do just the opposite.

For further information click here and for the consultation document click here.

To give your views:

Contact: Jo Dimitri, Project Manager
mobile: 07795 316900

Geoff Caine

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