Broad Street Lap Dancing Club Rejected

The Council has turned down an application for a fourth lap dancing club in Broad Street.

This follows strong opposition from the Broad Street BID (Business Improvement District), our MP other businesses and private individuals.

The grounds for objection as publicized are that such an establishment would not be consistent with the nature of the area. People have been afraid that further businesses of this sort would cause a moral decline of the area and an embarrassment for families staying at local hotels and visiting the major entertainment  venues.

Others are afraid that the club would cause a slide of the street into a London Soho scenario, there already being clubs Cyclone, Legs 11 and the Rocket Club. It could be argued that the more clubs there are, the less objections on moral and suitability can carry weight and hence further clubs would be more easily opened.

The application was made by Eutony Ltd who do not accept that the essentially moral objections are not valid reasons for refusing the application and intend to take the matter further.

There will be those that are relieved at the decision and others that are annoyed. If you feel strongly either way or just feel the need to say something about this please leave a comment below.

Geoff Caine

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