Concierge Team “Reshuffle”

Our Concierge people have come and gone rapidly lately. Hard to keep up with it!

Anyway, I have updated the web page Who runs KEW?/Concierge Team, which now identifies the current team.

Jones has left our onsite team but will stand in to cover absence.
Arek has unfortunately left.

Syed Ali

Syed Ali

Syed joined the team last week. He was born and brought up in Brum. He loves snooker but, he says, he has never achieved a 147 (by potting all 15 reds with 15 blacks for 120 points, then all six colours for a further 27 points- achieved only 103 time by professionals) – so we’ll not hold this against him!

He loves curries and his brother is actually a restaurant chef of 25 years standing…ask his advice on where and what to eat, as I will be doing.

I look forward to his friendly smile and manner in dealing with our demands and eccentricities 🙂 .

All praise must go to Mainstay, including recently Clare Baig, our Property Manager, in managing to find and recruit a team of high quality Concierges! Each charming in their own way and in helping us Residents they perform excellently both as individuals and as a professional team.

Give ’em a smile 😀 when you next meet – it’ll make their day and they deserve it!


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