Has Your Broadband Performance Deteriorated Recently?

LoadingA number of residents have recently reported a degradation in the performance of their broadband connection. Apparently Mainstay has information that another property in our area is also experiencing problems.

This coincidentally or not follows the recent fibre optic cable installation at KEW in readiness for the new high speed broadband service planned for the near future. However, this other property has not yet had the fibre optics installed, but I think they could still be affected by disturbance to the street cabinets that distribute the broadband to properties.

Our Mainstay Property Manager, Clare Baig, has managed to get an email statement from a BT Open Reach official who states:

“Just so you are aware the fibre optic connections fitted into KEW are completely separate and does not utilise any of the copper network currently in use by any of the residents. They are currently still not commissioned and as such do not or will not have any bearing on current or future speeds etc provided by the residents individual Internet Service Providers.
Any latency/speed issues will need to be highlighted to the individual ISP’s relevant to the customers providers.

This is perhaps a non-too surprising response from BT, and is the usual one in my experience.

KEW Residents’ reports currently are along the lines:

  • internet connection varying between ‘identifying’ and ‘connected’
  • router requiring resetting in order to restore internet connection for no apparent reason
  • using browser Firefox and getting a message to say that ‘Firefox is not responding’; after perhaps a minute it returns to normal, until the next time
  • can take a couple of minutes or more to load up a page to the point where the system seems to lock
  • problems in getting a response from various servers including Google!, getting a message “This web page is not available” (see below) then after refreshing a few times the page is downloaded
  • irregular speed and error reporting for no apparent reason

So, Clare Baig and myself are trying to get an answer to all these problems, but we need evidence to avoid the “It’s not a problem with our service, you need to contact your xxx provider.”.

So, please help by conveying any problems  you experience regularly or intermittently by leaving a comment below or emailing me on geoff.caine@kiqui.com  ( in which case you can include screen dumps of error messages which would be very useful).

Any information however vague would be extremely useful. We need to solve this problem together.

Geoff Caine

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