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News of a retiring director and getting the best from the new Phase 1 fob.

Tricia Tierney

Tricia TierneyAfter almost two years as a very active director of the Phase 1 RTM Management Company, Tricia is resigning due to moving away from KEW.

Tricia is a long term Leaseholder at KEW. She has contributed so much in initially volunteering to become a Director then shouldering and sharing the responsibilities of the Board of Directors and helping with difficult decisions. Behind the scenes she has assumed responsibility for preparing agendas for the joint Board Meetings but has been visible to us Leaseholders through her preparation of excellent board minutes.

I’m sure Leaseholders of both Phases (and others living at KEW) will want to join me in thanking her for all her efforts in helping to run KEW.

And now we need one or more Phase 1 Leaseholders to join the board. Please email Board Chairman Alan Stedall for details of what being a Director entails.

Phase 1 Car Park Fob – Some Tips

Phas 1 FobThe new fobs seem to be working well and don’t appear to need accurate placement in your car.

However, they won’t stand up to a lot of wear and tear. One way to make them more durable is by laminating them. Visit Justyna and she will gladly do the lamination for you.

One good tip from Concierge Kenneth is to slide the fob into your license holder behind the license leaving a short length protruding. I’ve found that this position works very well and allows you to readily remove the fob should you wish to open the car park gates for a visitor.

Geoff Caine

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