IMPORTANT – Action Required by Phase 1 Car Park Users

The actions below apply to Phase 1 car park users only


On 11 November the car park entry fobs you now use will no longer work. You will need to replace them.

Put simply, the actions you need to take are:

By 11 November – obtain new fobs from Phase 1 Reception (one for each of your existing ones).

By 2 December – return your old fobs to Reception*.

But do read the full procedure below.

* Please note: There will be a charge to you if you don’t return them.

Why the change? Well the Phase 1 car park is having a new reader system installed which will start on 11 November. It is hoped that this will work (better) for all users than the current (ageing) system.

Also the Fobs are getting scarce  so your returned fobs will go into Phase 2 stock to ease the problem.

I’m sure we’d all welcome a system that works well whatever the weather and angle of approach.
So, support for this super initiative by the Directors and the Mainstay team is well worthwhile.

Please read the procedure below for more details and conditions – it has been issued by Clare Baig, the KEW Property Manager.
If following this creates a problem for you, please discuss it with Justyna, our Development Manager, or contact the Mainstay support team as described in the procedure.

Geoff Caine


Our Ref: CL00202/CJ/SIS/KEW
22nd October 2013


 Re: Important Information – Phase One Vehicle Access Gates

 We are writing to notify you that the reader system to access phase one car park will be replaced on 11th November 2013, by the appointed contractor ADT.

 The new reader due for installation will require a different fob from the existing type, as the current large black fobs are now obsolete.  As the system is redundant we will be reclaiming all existing car park fobs from phase one residents in exchange for the new fobs and following collection of the existing fobs, these will be re-commissioned and issued to phase two fob stock.

 The new system will be live from 11th November 2013 and in order to ensure all residents can access the car park following the works, we seek your co-operation with the following:

 First Stage – Collection of the new fob

Please visit the concierge office in advance of 11th November to collect the new fob(s)

You must bring with you:

  • All car park access fob(s) in full working order with no damage as these will be tested. 
  • Tenancy agreement if a tenant or Letting Agent.

 Please be advised that any faulty fobs will be rejected and a replacement will not be issued via the onsite team, therefore, should you require an access fob these can be purchased online using  the Mainstay ‘my development’ section of the website, or by contacting our offices on 01905 364 070 at a cost of £15.55. 

Upon satisfactory receipt of the above items, the concierge will issue you with the relevant number of new access fobs which will need to be signed for and collected in person, as this will be centrally tracked and controlled via the King Edwards Wharf Offices. 

NB: Current fob(s) will not need to be surrendered at this stage unless you have no intentions of accessing the gates prior to 11th November 2013.

On 11th November 2013, the new system will be live and your existing fobs will no longer work, therefore, you must ensure you collect the new fob and display it in your vehicle in advance of this date.

Second Stage

In advance of 2nd December 2013, please return the old black fob(s) to the concierge office, who will again take signature from you as receipt.  Failure to return the fobs and in the condition originally seen during the handover will result in a fee of £50.00 being applied to your account, as this will cover the cost of the fob(s) issued to you in advance and the administration process. 

After 2nd December 2013 all fob stock will be removed from site, therefore, it is imperative you adhere to the above in line with the time frame and make the necessary arrangements to collect your new fob(s) and also return the old one(s).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your cooperation.

If you have any queries relating to your service charges or any communal matters then please contact our Regional Support Team on 01905 364 070, who are available between the hours of 8.00 am and 7.00 pm Monday to Friday.  Alternatively, you can contact our Regional Support Team via email using

Kind regards

Clare Baig
Property Manager


 The official notification document is attached.

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