Local Sports and Leisure Centre Refreshed

OD4A3866-2eMag logo 100x75There’s an independent gym, sports and leisure centre very nearby…”and not a lot of people know that!”

It’s another well-kept secret in the city centre. It is located beneath the National Indoor Arena (NIA) and so largely hidden, and I don’t recall any local marketing to promote its use. People usually learn of it by referral not advertising.

Well, it has now updated its image in parallel with the refurbishment of the NIA. It has rebranded itself as the NIA Sports and Leisure Centre replacing the old fashioned and uninformative name of Community Hall. It has also replaced the old Cybex gym equipment with the latest offerings from LifeFitness.

It offers facilities for:

Indoor Football

And uses its facilities to provide for:

Fitness Classes
Senior Keep Fit
Ladies Morning Gym
Circuit Training
Early Bird Tacket Sessions
Sports Tournaments
Kids Parties

Why not visit and have a look at what is on offer?

The entrance is easily missed and is located in St Vincent Street at the back of the NIA, as shown below. It may not be the most inviting of entrances but first impressions are enhanced once inside.

You can find more information by visiting their website.

If you have been there why not tell us about the experience by leaving a comment below?

Get the most out of the photos below – click here.




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