Fiddle & Bone Work Starts on Monday 23 September

My eagle eyes got it right work does appear to be starting on the Fiddle &Bone.

Phase 1 RTM Director, Tricia Tierney, received the email below at 12:25 today from Cheryl Blount-Powell, Development Manager North of the Canal & River Trust.

Dear Mrs Tierney

 I am writing to you in your capacity as a representative of  the King Edward Wharf Residents Association and should be pleased if you could communicate the message below to your residents for information.

The Trust is going to remove the ivy from the canal side elevation of the former Fiddle & Bone with this work starting on Monday 23rd September . The work is expected to last circa five days.  It is not intended to close off the towpath but the contractor will provide a banks man to ensure pedestrian and users of the towpath are not at risk. In addition the contractor will be using the yard to  store his tools and  machinery and for parking a van overnight.

 I thought that it was sensible to inform you of this work in case the activity next week raises some questions within the Wharf as many of the residents do overlook the property

 Kind regards

Of course this may come under routine towpath maintenance. But as Tricia has  been notified having previously been  in touch with the C&RT over the F&B, it suggests that it may be preparation for the start of building work.

Geoff Caine

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