Fiddle & Bone Gets Planning Permission

eMag logo 100x75Sherborne Wharf Ltd and The Canal & River Trust have jointly obtained planning permission to convert the old Fiddle & Bone pub into a major canal side facility.

The Birmingham City Council Planning Committee passed two related applications at their meeting on Thursday 19 September.

Cllr Peter Douglas Osborn welcomed the applications saying that the facilities to be offered on the site for servicing the canal barges was an ideal job for the area and would bring in a lot of people for the services. He was happy that the F & B would be reopened as a bar/restaurant which will bring more life into the area. He said it was a wonderful opportunity to complete the regeneration of the area [meaning the Roundhouse complex which contains the F & B] and will be superb for the area and a great advantage for Birmingham and especially the canals.

Cllr Bob Beauchamp also welcomed the development saying that the Roundhouse was “one of the gems of the city – absolutely beautiful”  and that anything that could be done to create a viable area for canal services should be welcomed.

No 0ne spoke in opposition to the applications and the committed passed them unanimously.

The on-line Birmingham Post website reports  that:

Mike Dowse of Sherborne Wharf said he was delighted to have secured planning permission.
“We have a licence and are now ready to get going,” he said.
“I’m looking forward to reopening the Fiddle & Bone.”
He added that they have no plans for live music.

Richard Newton of the Canal River Trust said: “This will open up the canal side and become a focal point for boaters and the public.”

At the public consultation held in July Mike Dowse said that the project is planned to be completed in April 2014.

I hope that the Canal & River Trust will move forward as enthusiastically and speedily as Sherborne Wharf wish to do. This is great news for the residents of KEW and should enhance the local lifestyle substantially.

The relevant planning applications are 2013/05752/PA and 2013/05753/PA.

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Click here for news of work starting.

Geoff Caine

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1 Response to Fiddle & Bone Gets Planning Permission

  1. Geoff Caine says:

    I saw three men with high vis jackets and hard hats entering the F & B at 1:15pm on Thursday – an hour and a half after planning permission was granted.. Could they be contractors geared up to start work?

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