A38 Tunnel Closure Feedback

Amey, the company responsible for the maintenance of Birmingham City roads, is keen to have feedback about the effects of the A38 Tunnel closures – your experiences, traffic flow problems and your suggestions.

You can have your say by leaving a comment below and I will pass these on to Amey. 

Geoff Caine

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1 Response to A38 Tunnel Closure Feedback

  1. Graham Broome says:

    I travel into Birmingham using the A38 Aston Expressway to get to work. The A38 tunnel closures was therefore a serious cause for concern. It has the potential to have a huge negative impact on my journey to work. I considered the suggested alternative using the M6 J7 onto the A34 and then the ring road. This would have taken me miles out of my way and added significant time to my journey. I therefore dismissed it.

    For my first journey into Birmingham following the closures I decided to come in half an hour earlier than my usual time leaving home in Walmley at 6.30am. To my pleasant suprise I did not hit a significant queue at the point of closure. I am now leaving home a 6.50am and still not hitting signigificant queues. I think this is down to two things:
    a) a lot of strategic traffic has diverted;and
    b) adjustment of the traffic signals at the St Chads junction near Snow Hill to allow more green time for A38 traffic, allied with the signalisation at Paradise Circus, has allowed a greater through put.
    When you then get onto the Expressway its great. Much less traffic.

    Anyway enough of the rambling. What I am trying to say is that I recognise that a lot of thought appears to have gone into the Traffic Management and it seems to be a success. I realise we are only 2 weeks into a 6 week programme but I hope things continue as they are.


    Graham Broome

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