Some Things You May Have Missed 27 June 13

New Street Station – New Passage to Bullring from new Navigation Street Entrance

Yes it’s opened without ceremony (that I’m aware of, anyway).

The long promised (and needed!) walkway from the station to Bullring has opened. Most of it is suspended above track on a new bridge. It’s ideal and just right for visitors, but only when those responsible get the signing in place – at the moment it’s a triumph of discovery through inspired observation or simply asking the locals!

Nevertheless it’s becoming a pleasant passage between these two immensely important people centres.

You approach it from the new station entrance by walking east along the Navigation Street pavement that now has a startling mirror image above formed by the stainless steel plates above. Then there is a dark unfinished tunnel containing a bike park which then exits into the new track bridge and leads onward to the long-established steps and ramp to the Corporation Street end of the Bullring.

The gallery below describes the journey along the walkway.

Next train digital displayWhilst on the subject of the station in the main entrance hallway there is a useful digital display board which can tell you the time and platform of the next direct train to your destination  – for when you missed the one you planned to take!

Things get better and better with the new station!


A38 Tunnel Closures 19 July to 2 September 2013 – Queensway and St Chads Tunnels

There’s a hint of lack of information on this that has come to light this week. Deputy Leader Ian Ward has expressed annoyance that the fact that Broad Street closure has not been included in the Council’s website information on the tunnels closure. Good for him in spotting this as it will change many people’s in-to-city travel plans.

The Birmingham Post reports that

Deputy council leader Ian Ward told the Post he had not been made aware that a stretch of Broad Street would be off limits to cars until recently.

Coun Ward (Lab, Shard End) said: “We have not communicated this well. I have ensured that the information is now available on the city council website.

“I have been told that these were among details which were due to be released as the July 19 tunnel closure date got nearer.”

I have searched the various Council website pages but can find no mention of Broad Street.

Just in case you’re not certain which tunnel is which:

Queensway tunnel is the one at the end of Broad Sreet which passes in a curve under Paradise Circus

St Chads tunnel is the next one towards the M6 and passes under the rail tracks to Snow Hill station

Click here for some recent photos.

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