The Future of KEW eMag Articles

The KEW eMag has probably outlived its usefulness!


Geoff Caine donates many hours of his own time each month seeking and writing articles for the eMag. Why? – The RTM Company’s Directors want to add a community friendly element to the factual pages of the website.

We have been struggling for some time now to find and create articles for the eMag.

The software used provides statistics on how many people have viewed which article. The results are now not encouraging.

So, it has been decided to discontinue the regular monthly KEW eMag. Instead, articles will be published as the subject arises. This removes the paper-like publishing deadline with its pressure on filling content and enables articles on happenings to be published while they are current.

What is new is the ability for you to add your comments on articles, which will be published at the end of each article. Comments must be polite and non-abusive, of course, and relevant to the topic of the article. Other comments will not be published– this is in line with most Internet forum procedures.

The commenting facility will be trialled for 3 months and then reviewed.

Please add your comments to this posting below.

If you have any subjects for articles please contact the Administrator – any contribution from idea to full-blown article would be welcome.

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5 Responses to The Future of KEW eMag Articles

  1. Margaret Lister says:

    Thanks Geoff. I’m sure the new format will not be so onerous to you, & just as informative. Keep up the great work you are doing on our behalf. Margaret & Tim

  2. Maureen Waller says:

    I can only agree with Sally. I have always enjoyed reading the magazine and Geoff’s efforts are very much appreciated. Thank you.

  3. David Foster says:

    I understand and appreciate the reasons to change the frequency of the e-mag.
    Like others, Jan & I have greatly enjoyed the items that have appeared. Even though we try to keep informed, Geoff has often managed to surprise (and delight) us with news we had not picked up elsewhere. So we would be loth if the e-mag disappeared completely. Of course, I accept that we have an obligation to provide stories, too, and we will do our best!

    David Foster

  4. Sally Preedy says:

    1352 Sally & Richard Preedy I always enjoyed the news letter and appreciated Geoffs hard work. Thank you for your hard work

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