Gloucester Tall Ships Festival – A must visit this weekend!

I’d been before a couple of years ago and was impressed. Today I visited today and was totally bowled over with the experience which has multiplied!

Gloucester docks is one of those areas of great historical importance for transport of raw materials to the industrial areas (like mainly Birmingham) and export trade. It is also now one of the major successes in cities resurrecting these areas for immense enjoyment for visitors. Others of note are Bristol and Liverpool (there are others I have yet to discover, no doubt).

I won’t bore you with a detailed description but I would point out that the docks area is so characterful, the Gloucester Quays Outlet shopping area is superb (big brand shops at 50% discounts eg M&S), and the festival itself is entertaining, spectacular and has many characterful stalls to buy whatever takes your fancy.

Do go, it is still on the next two days (Sunday 26th and Monday 27th) – I promise you will not be disappointed, nay, you will be exhilarated!

It’s an easy 54 miles drive away and takes just 1 hour – or there is a fast direct train journey. To get there set your sat nav to GL1 5SF. This will take you to the Travelodge on St Ann Way. The traffic will be horrific around the north of Gloucester if you follow this route like everyone else.

Instead take this diversion. Having left the M5, at the second roundabout turn left along the A38. The sat nav should reroute you passed the train station to the Travelodge.

Go past the Travelodge and turn right immediately, the car park is straight ahead. Descend to ground floor (leave the car behind) and you’re in the Gloucester Quays outlet shopping centre. Walk north (or ask at reception if you haven’t a compass) and you will encounter the docks area.

Here are some photos to give you a taste for what you’ll see. Click on any photo to display a large view slideshow – use the large arrows on left or right to move through the images. Press ESC to return to the original page.


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