We have a new Property Manager

Yes, its true and what’s more it’s a lady for the first time for 9 years (I’m guessing).

Her name is Clare Baig.

We thought you’d like to learn about her so we persuaded her to have a snap taken and published on the website. Then we pushed our luck and asked her to write a profile of herself which we could reveal on the website then attract Residents and Leaseholders to it with a News post (this). She agreed.

To save  you searching the site for all this enlightenment, just click on Enlightenment below BUT be sure to click on her photo and her name, when you then get redirected, for the most enjoyment.

Seriously, we’re looking forward to a long and productive term for her looking after KEW and keeping things running smoothly (and solving our problems). She has a great On-site team to work with – our Concierge Team and Maintenance Manager plus our Directors who no doubt will stop her getting bored.



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