Update on Fiddle and Bone License Application

Tricia Tierney who is leading on moderating the license application by Sherborne Wharf for conversion of the old Fiddle and Bone pub to a canal facilities centre, has provided an update on this as below.

The Birmingham City Council Licensing Authority will hear the application for a music, dancing and alcohol licence for the premises previously known as the Fiddle and Bone Pub, situated in Sheepcote Street and leading on to the canal towpath directly opposite KEW Phase One) on 9th October. Tricia Tierney will attend on behalf of the Residents Association and a number of other residents who have submitted individual letters are also planning to be present. We are also pleased to report that our local councillors, lobbied by Alan Stedall, and led in this instance by Carl Rice, have submitted a letter to the Licensing Authority supporting our case for sensible restrictions on the hours during which music and dancing is allowed. They have also suggested other clauses which will restrict smoking areas and ensure windows in the upper floor are kept closed so as to prevent public nuisance. We are hopeful that our submissions will lead to a satisfactory conclusion for all concerned – the development of the site, the provision of service for passing canal traffic and the continued quality of life of KEW residents.

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