Re-verification of Security Cards and Car Park Fobs

As from 17th September 2012 the Concierge will be checking and reprogramming the door access swipe cards and car park fobs on our security system.

This is an important and essential measure to ensure that our site security systems are used effectively.

A letter will be circulated to each apartment during the next month. Having entered your details on this please present to the Concierge the letter and all your swipe cards and fobs. The re-verification process will take just a few minutes.

From the date on the letter you will have two weeks to complete the verification after which cards and fobs which have not been re-verified will have to be suspended.

The Concierge apologises for any inconvenience caused.

The verification is organised by core and the schedule is shown below.

Phase 1 Phase 2 Notify by Start Completed by
1,2,3 8,9,10 10th September 17th September 30th September
4,7 11,14 24th September 1st October 14th October
5,6 12,13 8th October 15th October 28th October
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