Police Report Car-Jacking in Locality

Local police have advised that a car was hi-jacked in the Jewellery Quarter in Carver Street at around 4am this morning (July 2).

Below is a statement from them about this. Advice is given in bold type.

Press Release:

Car-jack victim was flagged down by female suspect

2 July 2012

A WOMAN has been arrested in connection with a car-jacking after a man was pulled from behind the wheel when he stopped in the Jewellery Quarter.

The driver was in Carver Street at around 4am this morning (July 2) when a woman flagged down his blue Hyundai and asked for the time.

It’s understood the move was a distraction tactic as, whilst he spoke to her, a male accomplice is reported to have dragged him from the car and left the woman free to jump inside and speed away.

The 36-year-old victim tried holding on to a car door and suffered cuts and grazes – and possibly a broken hand – after being dragged around 50 metres down the road as the thief made off.

However, details of the vehicle were radioed round to officers and one spotted the car driving in Handsworth – it was pulled over in Heathfield Road where a 26-year-old woman from Moseley was arrested on suspicion of robbery.

West Midlands Police detective Deborah Simmonds, said: “The driver made a swift 999 call which meant we had patrol cars very quickly on the lookout for the vehicle – it was seen roughly 40 minutes later two or three miles from the robbery location.

“The victim was shaken up by the incident but thankfully suffered only minor injuries. Inquires are on-going to establish the identity of another person reported as involved by the driver.”

West Midlands Police Crime Prevention expert, Sergeant Andy Gregory, said motorists can help protect themselves against robberies whilst on the road.

He said: “We’d advise all motorists to keep doors locked while driving, and especially when driving late at night or in the early hours of the morning.

“Also, make sure no bags or valuables are visible on the passenger seat and don’t wind windows down far enough so that a thief could potentially reach inside the vehicle whenever it’s stationary.”

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