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Submitted by Geoff Caine

So this is what all the squawking in May was about!……

Canada Goose Family on BCN by NIA

Canada Goose Family on BCN canal by the NIA

Featured this week:

• Change to Monthly Magazine

• Birmingham Made Me Design Expo 15-22 June Mailbox

• Golden Lion Inn Restoration

• Council Leader Makes Policy Statement

• The Voyage Sails into Victoria Square


• Change to Monthly Magazine

We have decided to produce a monthly KEW Magazine on this website in place of the Weekly News. This will give more time for significant happenings and articles of interest to be found and articles written. Our aim is to post this on the website by the first Friday of each month.
Breaking news will be published separately as it arises.

We need your help! Your Input We really do need your help in producing articles of interest to City Centre Residents. Why not write a few lines on what you do in your spare time – it may or may not appeal to all readers but at least they will know about it and can make their choice. . For example, why not write a few lines on your club or society or your Friends of …. society or meetings you have attended. You will be given credit for your input (unless you don’t want it) – your chance for fame! So, please analyse your lifestyle and pull out anything which could be of interest to others and, for some, enrich their lives and feeling of belonging to a community.

Just email me with your draft text and I’ll do the rest.


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• Birmingham Made Me Design Expo 15-22 June Mailbox

“From jewellery designers to JCB from Aga to Acme Whistles, Birmingham Made Me showcases the finest creativity from the Original Design City” say the organisers. Birmingham Made Me Logo This looks like a really super series of exhibits and events with something for everyone. It’s incredible what we can manufacture in Birmingham and nearby – we still excel in design and production expertise.  I believe the Jaguar £750k C-X75 supercar will be on show!

It’s free to visit everything and most of the events are open to all without booking in advance. The Launch Event is at 12:30pm on this Friday 15 June and amongst the speakers is Lord Digby Jones of Birmingham. In my view he always talks a lot of sense and is a great ambassador for and enthusiast of Birmingham.

The expo is open Monday – Saturday 11am – 7pm Sunday 11am – 4pm. It’s all on at the Mailbox. You can see examples of some of the exhibits and delve into what the expo is here.

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• Golden Lion Inn Restoration

1520 Grade II listed building, allowed to fall to pieces !

Golden Lion InnRTM Director Alan Stedall has for some time been trying to get the City Council to fulfill its responsibilities in maintaining this building in Canon Hill Park.

He has lobbied the previous council to have the scaffolding replaced as a first step to restoration – it seems the building is not being physically supported by this, in fact the reverse is probably true.

Scaffolding around the Golden Lion Inn

The Council closed the building in 1996 and since then very little if any maintenance has been carried out including the supporting scaffolding.

But now there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Alan recently contacted Councillor Ian Ward who recently took over responsibility for Birmingham’s heritage buildings (and who is also Deputy Leader of the Council). Cllr Ward has managed to get an order placed for replacement scaffolding. Once fitted and making the building safe for entry the old scaffolding will be removed and a survey carried out into what needs to be done to restore the building to its former glory.

It is probable that a website will be set up to give citizens information about the building and to create interest and support for its full restoration. I’ll keep you informed.

(Photos by Alan.)

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• Council Leader Makes Policy Statement

New Council Leader Outlines His Policy.

Leader of BCC Albert BoreAt a full Birmingham City Council meeting on Tuesday last 12 June the new Leader Sir Albert Bore outlined his policy for the city. He first  served a term as Leader of the Council from 1999 to 2004 heading up the Birmingham Labour Group. He has greatly changed the structure of his cabinet, changing roles and responsibilities of the elected Councillors. You can read his policy statement and watch a You Tube video of his delivery of it at the Council Meeting. (Be warned that the hosting video service has kindly inserted a 1min advertisement at the beginning of this which you can’t skip over. Personally I think the Council should have avoided this on such a serious and important record!)

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• The Voyage Sails into Victoria Square

An event not to be missed will happen in Victoria Square next week!

 (Picture obtained from URL link to The Voyage website.)

This vast model of a ship will be planted outside the Town Hall from Thursday 21 to Sunday 24 June.

Starting at 10pm and lasting 45 minutes per performance, aerial artists and dancers will give a spectacular performance in the rigging. A large choir will add the music.

This echos the Wings of Desire dance and light show which took place in the middle of May, and if it is as good then we are in for a real treat.

It is free and more information can be found here.


PS If you’d like to catch up with what’s happening in Ladywood, the Ladywood Ward Committee meeting takes place on Wednesday 20 June at 7pm at Ladywood Health & Community Centre, St Vincent Street West.

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Submitted by Geoff Caine

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