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Submitted by Geoff Caine

Featured this week:

• Automatic Street Lights Fitted in Sheepcote Street

• First Aid Training Given to Concierge Team

• Buildings News

• TV Apprentice Ploughs Ahead with his New Business Venture


• Automatic Street Lights Fitted in Sheepcote Street

City Council Initiative reaches KEW

The roll out of LED street lamps in Birmingham has reached Sheepcote Street, as I observed recently. It should also happen in Browning Street and St Vincent Street if it hasn’t already.
Birmingham City Council is replacing almost its entire street lighting stock with possibly the most advanced lighting system in the world today. The various street bulbs are being replaced by LED based units. The advantages are:
• Reduction in power consumption and hence CO2 footprint (by as much as 70%)
• Remotely controlled allowing timing and intensity adjustment
• Downward and focused beams reducing sky light pollution and window intrusion
This upgrade is a big job as Birmingham has about 95,000 street lights and it will take 5 or more years to complete.
It should help reduce light intrusion into apartments with windows looking out onto the streets.

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• First Aid Training Given to Concierge Team

Justyna and Anna Graduate in First Aid Course!

KEW A&E DeptMainstay have initiated First Aid training for their site based teams. Justyna and Anna eagerly await their certificates for display. No specific service is being offered to Residents but should you need help they should know what to do. A good move, I think!


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• Buildings News

Morrisons Supermarket
Views of the front on Hagley Road from Five Ways

No2 Snow Hill

Library of Birmingham

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• TV Apprentice Ploughs Ahead with his New Business Venture

Nick Holzherr Disregards Lord Sugar’s Dismissal of his Business Proposition!

Nick Holzherr

In spite of losing out to another contender in the Apprentice last Sunday, local entrepreneur Nick is proceeding with the business he put forward to Alan Sugar on Sunday.

Nick lives in the Jewellery Quarter, studied for his MBA at Aston University and operates his businesses from Aston Science Park (see Weekly News 11 May 2012).

His new venture is an app called “Whisk” for smartphones and tablets. This will enable the user to select a recipe and have the ingredients automatically ordered and then delivered from Tesco or Waitrose, initially. It will also calculate what quantity of the ingredients is left over after cooking and learn what sort of dishes the user likes then suggest another recipe to use the leftovers. The app is free, presumably gaining income for Nick’s company from the supermarkets.

The “Whisk” app is currently downloadable but is just a description of what the app will eventually do, with a video by Nick. You can also see a description without downloading in the usual way by searching for the word Whisk in the app store.
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Submitted by Geoff Caine

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