Clamping Ban – Progress on Banning the Ban

ke-drive-parkingRTM Director for Phase 1, Alan Stedall , is energetically lobbying on KEW Residents’ behalf to nullify the threatened ban on clamping. (See original report in Weekly News Friday 24 Feb 2012).
The photo left shows what happened to King Edwards Drive (leading to Phase 1 car park) in mid 2009 when the private road – no parking signs were removed and before Alan (aided by Leaseholder John McDermot) persuaded the powers that be to put down yellow lines.
This is what could happen inside our car parks if clamping is banned!

Alan has been working with our MP Shabana Mahmood to have the Protection of Freedoms Bill  clauses 54 to 56 modified to not take away private people’s ability readily to remove vehicles parked on their properties. The latest correspondence you can read by clicking on  Wheel Clamping Correspondence

He has now emailed local key people including Leader of the Council Sir Albert Bore and our other Councillors with the above correspondence and the following:

As you are aware, Shabana has been vigorously attempting to defend our existing rights as citizens to retain unrestricted access to our own private parking spaces.

From the attached correspondence it would seem however, that The Under Secretary of State for Transport, Norman Baker MP, is committed to removing our existing rights in this respect.

In his letter Mr Baker refers to strengthening the enforcement arrangements made possible by applying parking-related charges (PCN’s). However, it seems that Mr Baker is either unaware or unconcerned of the knowledge that the PCN process is routinely flouted by delinquent drivers, as they are aware that the legal cost of pursuing a PCN claim through the courts is disproportionate to the actual value of the PCN.

Mr Bakers mentions that the police are to be given powers to move a parked vehicle from private land, but that this power is to be used only when the police consider the vehicle to be “parked dangerously”. Of course having a strange vehicle parked for an indefinite period in your parking space will fail to meet this stringent criteria, regardless of the length of unauthorised stay.

Given the wholly unsatisfactory nature of Mr Baker’s response, Shabana has now escalated the matter to The Right Hon Justine Greening MP, Secretary of State for Transport. Again, Shabana’s further letter is attached and she indicates she is to revert to us when she receives a response from the Secretary of State.

All in all, I think most Birmingham City Centre residents will agree that the stance of this government on the issue is disappointing to the extreme. It seems that the right of private citizens to enjoy quiet possession of their own property is to be sacrificed as a quite unnecessary by-product of this government’s intent to tackle rogue wheel-clampers.

I am copying this note on to other City Centre residents and ask that they cascade the attached information forward to residents in other UK city centres.

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