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Easter Flowers 2012

Submitted by Geoff Caine

Featured this week:

• Katarzyna Palubiak Joins Concierge Team
• 48Sheet Artistic Intervention
• Morrisons Edgbaston Progress
• QR Codes – What are they and how do you use them?


  • Katarzyna Palubiak Joins Concierge Team

New experienced Concierge is sure to enhance the team!

Katarzyna Palubiak - KateKatarzyna (or Kate as she prefers to be called) has been working as a concierge for Mainstay (at Watermarque) for over a year.

Kate’s professional experience as a receptionist is vast as she has worked for six years in prestigious hotels in Krakow in Poland. Her last position was a Reception Manager.
Kate decided to move to the UK to improve her English and get new life experience; she has been living in Birmingham for 2 years.

Kate will normally be supporting Residents from Phase 2 Concierge office.

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  • 48Sheet Artistic Intervention

Worldwide artists brighten up the city billboards(and its citizens)!

48 Sheet pop upIn the Mailbox lower floor there is the 48Sheet pop up project space. This is the centre of a twofold art initiative.
Firstly you can go along there and create an OHP Doodle – a doodle that gets projected onto a screen and wall.
Secondly you can pick up a map that will direct you along a circular route around the inner city. Along the way are clusters of art works enlarged and displayed on existing large billboards. These works are by famous (to some) world artists and from what I saw are very varied in approach and abstraction.
Below are photos of the works at Cluster 1 which is at the city centre end of Pershore Street with post code B5 4RW. In fact each cluster has its postcode shown on the map so you can use your smartphone to guide you along the route.
Walking or cycling is the suggested navigation method, so as to be able to travel along the canals and characterful back streets of Digbeth. But, I imagine it would take you a while to cover all the clusters in one walking session as I estimate the total distance to be about 13 miles!
So, for me it would be the car as every cluster can be reached without using the canals (which we all know anyway?). Still, don’t let my laziness put you off.
Do call in at the 48 Sheet popup in the Mailbox and have a chat with the friendly people there. More details on their website.

Runs fro 2-29 April

Click an image below to open a gallery, click ESC to close gallery.

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  • Morrisons Edgbaston Progress

The rate of progress on this construction is still quite remarkable!

Morissons Notice at the SiteA lot of the steelwork is now in place ready for the wall panels to be fitted. Compare the views yesterday with those of Weekly News Friday 23 Mar 2012.

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  • QR Codes – What are they and how do you use them?

QR codes are springing up everywhere – they are great for info on the move!

QR of text exampleOver the last couple of years you may have seen the above images sprouting up in magazines, public notices, clothing and other product labels, etc.

They are called QR Codes because they stand for “Quick Response”. They are a much more sophisticated form of bar code. They can be easily and quickly scanned by mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) then in an instant they display text , a website and many other things from what is contained in the QR Code.
The new kewbirmingham.co.uk poster on the notice boards contains two QR Codes – one takes your mobile device straight to the Home page and the other takes it straight into the KEW News menu where you can select the latest Weekly News.
To read them is easy once your mobile device is set up………


Set up your smart phone:

Just to go to the App Store and search for QR Reader, then choose an app. and install – all in the usual way – Recommendations are QR Reader for iPhone or QR Reader for Android and RedLaser (available for iPhone and Android). Both are free!

Read a code:

Then just scan a QR Code using your mobile device just like you would if taking a photo of the code (see next section) and information contained in the code will be displayed.

That’s it!
You can share your scanned codes with others in the usual ways (via text, email, Facebook, or Twitter).


I’ve been trying out QR Reader for iPhone.
When you start the installed app. you click on a lightning symbol at the bottom which activates the scanner. Using your device like a camera point it at a QR code and a bleep tells you when the code has been read successfully. Then the information read will be displayed.
That’s it!
In addition if the QR Code defines what sort of information it contains, it may be actioned. For example, if it is a URL (Internet Address) then the website is displayed – so if it is a YouTube URL, the YouTube will start to play the video. If it is a geo Location a Google Map is displayed.
As an example, try reading the QR Codes below.


For the more technically minded, you can also generate a QR Code containing the following:

Website address (URL), Phone Number, Text, Geo Location (with map), Email Address, Contact – meCard, Contact – vCard, SMS Text Message, Event.
In addition there are 15 other special items eg of your Facebook, or Twitter or LinkedIn Profile. You can code a YouTube video by just entering its id.
If you are using an Android device, you can code your home (or other) wi-fi details so visitors can connect to your wi-fi just by scanning the code.

Having generated a QR Code, you can share it with others via text, email, Facebook, or Twitter.

I printed them by first emailing (they’re normal images) to my PC then printing as with any other image.
The possible uses are endless and only limited by your ingenuity.


Try reading the following:

Adele Make you

QR Jubilee

This is not a fact!

Need to delete the event from your calendar!


PS With RedLaser, having read a QR Code on a product, it can find availability in nearby shops and online and compare prices.

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Submitted by Geoff Caine

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