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Submitted by Geoff Caine

Featured this week:

  • Recycling at KEW…What to Do
  • Surprise! Bird watching in Brum can be Fun
  • Police Want to Understand Our Needs
  • Energy Efficient Power for New Library
  • Recycling at KEW…What to Do

We all should recycle! We’ve got to save the Earth and this helps!

Up until now, I’ve been scrutinising labels on plastic cartons, etc,  diligently  washing those with a recycling symbol  and placing them in the green bins in the bin stores. But now I discover half of my work was in vain – you might also be surprised.

Basically if Birmingham Council can’t collect or recycle something then it should go in your general rubbish.

What to put in the Mixed Green Bins:

Mixed Green Recycle Bin

Label on Mixed Green Recycle Bin

  • Plastic Bottles eg  soft drinks, milk bottles
  • Cans eg food tins and aluminium cans
  • It’s best to avoid anything else at the moment, so “If in doubt leave it out”.

What to put in the bottle bins?:

  • Glass Bottles – separate bins for green, white and brown wine and food bottles and jars.

What about waste paper?:

  • Place paper and cardboard in a separate bag in your bin cupboard for collection or take it to the waste paper trolleys in the Bin Store.

What goes in your general rubbish?:

  • Other containers of food, eg wrappers and plastic carton film lids, but NOT electronics, batteries, furniture, engine oil and any bulky objects.


The A-Z of Recycling page is an indexed mine of information on what can be recycled.

But, if you want to know specifically where you can take a particular item to be recycled go to the Recycling Map page. Then choose Ladywood from the Find a Constituency drop down menu in the right side bar then click on items you want to dispose of under Recycling Services. The map will be refreshed to show you where they are. Click on a waymark symbol on the map to display the address and opening times.

  • Surprise! Bird watching in Brum can be Fun

Not interested in bird photos? Click on my Slideshow to change your mind…….. If slideshow doesn’t work Click here.

If you watch the nature watch programs on BBC TV, Spring Watch, Autumn Watch, etc, you may be inspired to see with your own eyes rather than through the cameras on TV.

So, where to go for us city dwellers that won’t take all day driving rather than observing?

One well populated place currently is Sandwell Valley, just north of West Bromwich Albion football ground. See Google map.

In the Swan Pool at the point indicated I found Coots, Tufted Ducks, Mallard Ducks and Great Crested Grebes. Two of the Grebes we believe have a nest there on the South of the island, and with a bit of luck you might witness them doing a courting dance lifting themselves way out of the water during it.

South of there are three smaller pools with Swans. More spectularly, these are the current nesting places for several pairs of Grey Herons. These, not very pretty, but huge birds are darting around the two islands gathering large twigs for nest-building. It’s all very spectacular and any action is sudden and unexpected, so you have to keep watching.

They are large birds:

  • standing up to 100 cm (39 in) tall.
  • in length 84–102 cm (33–40 in).
  • wingspan 155–195 cm (61–77 in) (my armspan is 176cm!).
  • body weight can range from 1.02–2.08 kg (2.2–4.6 lb). (No wonder I can’t fly!)

Take binoculars (or a long focal length camera) to catch these sights. It’s very rewarding and a very beautiful setting.

DO look at my Slideshow of some photos I took this week (opens in a separate window). If this doesn’t work Click here. (ie you are using an Apple device – ipad, iphone)

Below,  is a placard seen at the South side  of Swan Pool showing what birds you might see.

The Birds of Swann Pool

Also, just round the corner from KEW is the Edgbaston Reservoir. This has just been awarded Local Nature Reserve status by Natural England.

It currently is a little depleted of water (like most other reservoirs) so the water doesn’t reach the trees, bushes, etc, that normally rise out of the water. I think this probably has also depleted visiting bird species. All I saw there were Canada Geese, Malard Ducks and Coots which are a common sight in local canals, of course.

  • Police Want to Understand Our Needs

Police set up Police and Community Tasking Meetings

The meetings are “to understand the issues across Ladywood that affect local residents, businesses and visitors”.

If anyone is interested in representing KEW at the meetings please contact me using an email form so that I can help coordinate volunteers.

Details are given below:

  • Energy Efficient Power for  New Library

Last Monday a Combined Heat and Power Engine (CPH) was delivered to the Library of Birmingham.

It is 85% to 95% fuel efficient compared with traditional power stations at 35%.

A CHP engine generates electricity and uses the heat produced, and traditionally wasted, to provide heating, hot water and cold water for air conditioning.

The first such engine, in the Broad Street complex, was fully operational in 2007 and supplies the following buildings amongst others:

  • The International Conference Centre
  • The National Indoor Arena
  • The Town Hall
  • The Council House
  • Hyatt Regency Hotel
  • The Rep Theatre
  • The Paradise Circus leisure and retail area
  • Civic Centre Towers

See further details.

Submitted by Geoff Caine

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