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Redevelopment of Five Ways Shopping Centre Gets Planning Permission

Five Ways Shopping Centre from the North

This welcome and much awaited redevelopment of the run down and partly occupied shopping centre received planning permission on Thursday 1 March.

It also includes revamping of the multi-storey Auchinleck House which towers out of its centre.

This is to be developed by Ace Sino Group Ltd. (I think this is a new partnership as there are no reliable details on the web yet.)

The current shopping centre will be partly demolished and a larger retail and hotel development with two level underground parking will replace it.

The current 12 storey Auchinleck House will be radically transformed and two extra floors added on top housing a large restaurant above which will be a Sky Bar and Outdoor Terrace.
Bruce MacLeanThe statue of  Field Marshal Claude Auchinleck, currently hidden inside the unused part of the centre will be a major feature in Broad Street. Unfortunately the Bruce McLean art work – shown left and stunning in evening sunlight – on the side of the office block will not be present in the new centre but hopefully will be preserved to feature elsewhere.





You can see details of the Planning Application which is numbered 2011/08518/PA.

Below are some views from the Birmingham Council Planning Office website of what the new centre will look. Click on an elevation to visit the website. (Please be aware that the response times by this website are very slow and sometimes don’t work – if so, try again later!)

View the area as it is now in a Google map – opens in a separate page.

South West Elevation ie viewed from the South end of Five Ways island

North West Elevation ie viewed from the North end of Five Ways island

North Elevation ie viewed from Broad Street showing hotel, retail and car parks

West Elevation ie viewed from Broad Street

East Elevation ie viewed from Tennant Street

Morrisons Supermarket – Development Update in spite of…..

Morrisons Logo

I can’t believe how officious some individuals can be sometimes!

I wandered over to the Morrisons site today, to take photos of progress, firstly from the back in Harborne Lane. I wanted to take photos from the same spot I did two weeks ago, that is from the pavement. Out of courtesy, I told two men in high visibility jackets that I wanted to take photos for some City Centre websites because people were very interested in the progress of the Morrisons store. I was dismayed when told they couldn’t allow it! I said I didn’t want to enter the site –  just to take photos from outside. They repeated that I couldn’t and that I needed to get a form from the site manager. So, not wanting any unpleasant exchange like “This view is in the public domain and I am entitled to take photos”, I moved off. Then I found that the next 30 yards of the site had see-through fences! So, I took the photos I wanted from the other side of the road.

I then moved round to Broad Street and took some more from the pedestrian crossing of the main site entrance. Not risking another refusal I just took the photos and moved on, without any of the entrance attendants approaching me.

So, here are the latest photos of the fast developing site targeted at a September opening of the store.

Morrisons View from Harborne Lane 2 March 2012

Morrisons View from Harborne Lane 2 March 2012

Morrisons view from Hagley Road 2 March 2012

Morrisons view from Hagley Road 2 March 2012

Compared with 2 weeks ago:

Morrisons Edgbaston Site 17 Feb 2012

Morrisons Edgbaston Site 17 Feb 2012

Occupy Birmingham Protesters Pack Up and Go Home

Occupy Birmingham Protesters

On 2 March, a day after the London protesters were removed, the Birmingham protesters have also abandoned their camp in Civic Centre Gardens at the back of the new Library of Birmingham. They moved here  from Victoria Square at the beginning of November after the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Anita Ward, asked them to make room for the Frankfurt Market.

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