One week on from Website Launch

Dear Leaseholders and Residents

The website was launched on-line 7 days ago.

Although notifications to Residents only went out 3 days ago, last Friday, there have been 147 visitors to the website and they viewed a total of 1098 pages.

This is a wonderful reaction and will encourage the  Directors and myself to maintain interest with news and other items.

Please note that whilst some of the pages on the website are fairly static others are added to continuously. These are:

For Sale Directory
Recommended Tradesmen
Maintenance – What’s Planned?
Kew’s News
Local Events

plus others as suggestions and contributuions are made.
So please pay return visits regularly or, better still, subscribe to email notification of additions (see footer below).

I’d also appreciate your views and suggestions for moving the website forward. See Website Feedback?

Many thanks to all visitors for your interest and support. Please spread the news of the website to neighbours, friends and aquaintances.

It is hoped that the website will raise the esteem of our homes to other residents of Birmingham, as well as benefiting us.

Best Wishes
Website Administrator

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