Security Tightened in Phase 1 Reception

Reception Door to Courtyard

Reception Door to Courtyard

An extra lock has been fitted today to the Reception door leading out to the courtyard.

Whenever the Concierge needs to leave Reception this extra lock will be activated.

Reception Glass Doors to Street

Reception Glass Doors to Street

The glass doors out to the street will also be locked and inoperable by swipe card.

This will make Reception a no go area when the Concierge is not present.


Background – if want to know why and how? Then read on……

Thieves get more and more daring and opportunist and it’s essential that we are one step ahead of them at KEW.

Phase 1 Reception normally has a member of the Concierge team in full-time attendance 24/7. However, there are times when the Concierge must visit apartments and other areas of the site in the normal course of their work.

Up until now the glass doors leading out into the street have been locked during such absence, but, people inside the site could enter Reception from the courtyard if they had a swipe card.

This has meant that the expensive equipment housed there and delivered parcels, albeit locked in a room within, were at risk from people with swipe cards but no rights to be there (eg ex Residents)*.

From 2 February, the Reception door leading to the courtyard has a separate lock which will be activated while the Concierge is away.

This does not introduce any problem to Residents as they can always exit through the pedestrian gate and the Concierge is always contactable by phone on 07870 781480.

Phase 2 Reception is entry only and hence does not present a risk.

* It is not possible to ensure that ex Residents hand in their cards on vacating, but cards do have to be re-validated by the Concierge once each year.

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