Electricians Fitting Movement Sensing Lights

Andy Redding (left) and Chris Thomas

Andy Redding (left) and Chris Thomas

Electricians from firm Drakeset Ltd are in the process of fitting movement sensing lighting systems in the cores around the site.

This an initiative by the KEW RTM Management Companies and Director Mike Langton says these have been piloted in cores 9 and 10 and have produced savings of 70% in the stairwells alone. He believes that this saving will produce a payback of the investment in the systems in 14 to 16 months and more likely within 12 months.

With the ever rising cost of energy and the disastrous effects that huge usage has on the environment and climate, this action by the RTM  Management Company Directors must be highly applauded.

I live in Core 6 where the systems have now been installed by Andy and Chris (pictured above). My experience is that they have done a superb job and we are lucky to now have a modern, efficient and cost saving system.

The painters have followed the electricians around and now you cannot tell that such a complex job has been performed in the cores.

The whole site should have the new lighting systems by the Autumn of this year.

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