Dos and Don’ts

There are specific rules that you need to refer to contained in the Lease signed by the Leaseholder on purchase which is the overriding legal document. The Leaseholder’s responsibilities in this Lease also in turn apply to tenants, so Leaseholders might wish to consider getting their tenants to sign a copy of this page.

However, we would like to point out the more common ones and others which we would ask you to follow always to promote effective community living for all Residents. The Golden Rules are:

  1. Living in an apartment brings its own special responsibility to RESPECT your neighbours in all that you do.
  2. If you let your properties ensure you or your agent makes your tenant aware of all their responsibilities. An effective way to achieve this is for the tenant to sign a copy of this page.
Right Click then choose Print… to print  a copy of this page.

Please D0:


Refuse will be collected from your bin store on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – alternatively, take it to the main waste storage areas.

Place your household rubbish in non-perforated bin or black bags and put them in the bin stores located on your floor.

In Phase 1 the main waste storage area is located in the main courtyard behind double black doors.

In Phase 2 it is situated in the car park near to the car entrance ramp.


AT KEW WHAT CAN YOU RECYCLE  and what should go in the general rubbish?

What to put in the Mixed Green Bins:

Mixed Green Recycle Bin

Label on Mixed Green Recycle Bin

      • Plastic Bottles eg  soft drinks, milk bottles
      • Cans eg food tins and aluminium cans
      • It’s best to avoid anything else at the moment, so “If in doubt leave it out”.

What to put in the bottle bins?:

      • Glass Bottles – green, white and brown wine and food bottles and jars

What about waste paper?:

      • Place paper and cardboard in a separate bag in your bin cupboard for collection or take it to the waste paper trolleys in the Bin Store.

What goes in your general rubbish?:

      • Other containers of food, eg wrappers and plastic carton film lids, but NOT electronics, batteries, furniture, engine oil and any bulky objects.

IN BIRMINGHAM WHAT CAN YOU RECYCLE and what goes into the general rubbish?

      • The A-Z of Recyclingpage is an indexed mine of general information on what can be recycled.
      • But, if you want to know specifically where you can take a particular item to be recycled go to the Recycling Map page. Then choose Ladywood from the Find a Consistuency drop down menu in the right side bar then click on items you want to dispose of under Recycling Services. The map will be refreshed to show you where they are. Click on a waymark symbol on the map to display the address and opening times.


Please speak with the Concierge for advice on this or contact the Birmingham City Council on 0121 303 1112 –  you can also book a collection online at

This facility is free for up to 3 items 3 times a year per apartment, but scaled charges apply above this (see website for details).


It is essential that you inform the Concierge if you are having works carried out in your apartment, be it decorating or fitting of an appliance. The Concierge will check the work area and lifts before and after the work to ensure cleanliness is maintained. You may be liable for the cost of making good any damage or soiling to communal areas.


Phase 1 – Visit the Concierge who will accompany you to the Bike Store in the car park to enable you to store or retrieve your bike.

Phase 2 – use the long bike rack in Phase 2 car park, located on the right hand wall after descending the car entrance ramp.

Please do not leave bikes in other communal areas.


Please keep your eyes open and report any damage to the Concierge or the Maintenance Manager as soon as possible.


Park within your space, all of the vehicle must be within the lines of each car park space.

There is no official visitor parking at KEW. However, some residents allow the concierge to use their space when they are on holiday – use the on-line facility My Car Space is Free for this or contact the Concierge; residents helping others in this way will enhance communal living.

Please check availability of a space with the Concierge in advance of your visitor arriving on site in their car.  Any vehicle parked with permission is logged on the central computer and a visitor’s ticket with contact details issued which must be displayed on or in the car.

IMPORTANT: Cars parked without permission may be clamped and charged for release.


Leaseholders must ensure that the boiler and associated pressure values are inspected annually in accordance with the lease and copies of the relevant certificate provided to the Concierge. We have negotiated special inspection and certification rates with Westminster heating who unlike most of the others including British gas are more conversant with our type of boiler installation – to take advantage of this phone them on 0121 559 2680.

Damage caused by faulty boiler installations in apartment blocks can be very significant. A fault in one apartment can also damage apartments adjacent to and below it even from, for example, leaking pipes let alone more serious events.

IMPORTANT: Because of the nature of the risks involved, your management company have the right to enter your apartment to carry out the tests and any remedial work and recharge incurred costs to the leaseholder.


If you are the Leaseholder of an apartment please contact Mainstay directly on 07905 357 777, or go to, login and then chose Request a FOB and follow the instructions.

If you are a tenant please contact your letting agent or landlord.


Car Park FOB and BatteryThe Concierge team hold a stock of high quality batteries at a low price. You can get a battery at either Reception. You will need access to a very small cross head screwdriver to gain access to the battery.
It’s well worth trying  a new one if you’re having trouble opening the gates.


The Concierge can hold keys on behalf ofLeaseholders to allow nominated individuals to enter their apartments. To use this key holding facility a separate declaration must be completed. Only those specified on this will be handed the duplicate key.

Nominated individuals cannot be supervised while entering apartments, so the RTM Management Companies and their Managing Agent accept no responsibility for loss or damage caused. The person signing the declaration is always totally responsible for the actions of those they give access permission to.

This facility is not available to Tenants directly, who should contact their Leaseholder landlord to make any such arrangements.

The Concierge must also be made aware of contractors being given access to the site and reserve the right to refuse access if contractors cannot provide evidence of their insurance or health and safety policy. This is for the protection of all residents.


Residents should always be vigilant and let The Concierge or the police know of anything suspicious. Do challenge people who are suspicious without putting yourself at risk.

IMPORTANT: Report to the Concierge the presence of anyone whose entry or whose actions, eg leaflet dropping, you suspect have not been authorised. Such intruders may take advantage of opportunities to invade apartments!

Please Don’t:


Don’t ignore any fire alarms other than those that are published as tests, normally weekly on a Wednesday during daytime hours – but check the signs in your core or ask the Concierge.

Don’t disconnect alarms in your apartment – you owe a duty of care to keep yourself and your neighbours safe. Advance warning of fire will save lives. Whilst you might want to put your own life at risk, do not put others at risk.

You can raise a general fire alarm by breaking the glass in a Raise Alarm Point located in hallways.

Apartment Fire Detector

Apartment Fire Detector – activates general alarm

Apartment Smoke Detector – sounds alarm in apartment only

Raise Alarm Panel

Raise Alarm Point – located in hallways






Cats, dogs and any other pets are not allowed on the site or in apartments at ANYTIME without the RTM Management Companies’ written permission.


Do not leave any washing on the balcony or hanging from the window which is visible to others. It is contrary to the lease and unsightly and unsociable to the on-looking community.


No smoking in communal areas- this also includes courtyards.
Do not drop cigarettes, etc, onto the towpath or common areas.

Smoking policy in an apartment may be restricted, for tenants, in their rental agreement.

It should be noted that smoking while at an open window, particularly a wintergarden, can cause smoke and ash to drift into adjacent apartments which may cause discomfort and, indeed, a potential health hazard to your neighbours. 


Wearing narrow or stiletto heel shoes is taboo  in apartments with wooden floors. These will produce permanent indentations in the wood and turn a very expensive and pleasant floor into an ugly mess! As a tenant you may well be financially responsible for such damage.

They also generate irritating noise which is transmitted to adjacent apartments.


DO NOT place bulky items in any bin store or the main waste storage areas. Contact the Concierge for advice or Birmingham City Council for removal.


In general, barbeques are not allowed on balconies or in the communal areas such as courtyards. The annoyance to neighbours and the risk of fire from barbeques is extremely high and therefore is forbidden.

However, it is possible to hold a BBQ which is open to the whole KEW community to attend by published invitation but this must be authorised by the RTM Management Companies.


Noise can be a nuisance to the occupiers of other apartments.

Music can travel quite a distance and the bass and sub woofers can resonate over many floors.

Doors being banged can have a debilitating effect on neighbours and after music is the second biggest area of complaint – use the handles to engage the catches rather than slamming the door.

TV, parties, radios and arguments all can cause annoyance to neighbours – respect and moderation is the key.

Narrow or stiletto heel shoes cause a clicking noise on wooden floors which is transmitted to adjacent apartments causing great annoyance. They also seriously damage the floors.


Do not leave taps running unattended. A great deal of damage can be done to apartments below through the overflow of water.


DO NOT allow people on to the site if you do not know them – ask them to call the Concierge for access.

Do not allow people to follow you through the pedestrian gates who you perceive to be questionable as to whether you would invite them into your apartment.

Report to the Concierge any suspicious “tailgating” into the car park after you.